Hover+Flip Sleeper Sofa


    Product hvf140276

    Better for Infection Control

    • Designed for less surface area and minimum upholstered components to clean
    • From seat deck and below, use of powder coated steel to withstand harsh cleaners
    • No cavities or concealed storage areas that are susceptible to debris and liffer and many times skipped during cleaning
    • Open structure from seat to floor allows for easy cleaning of floor surface
    • Clean out gap provided between back panel and seat deck for ease of cleaning debris from surfaces

    Better for Engineering

    • No sleeper mechanism or activators that can be broken or misused and damaged by user
    • Simple bolted connections for easy maintenence and replacement
    • No need for casters so furniture and surrounding surfaces are not exposed to nicks and cuts and flooring is not at risk of marring from wheels
    • No use of finished wood that could be susceptible to abuse and damage and harsh chemicals
    • The lightest full-size sofa in our offering, the Hover + flip without arms, weighs only 120 lbs.
    • Designed so that both sides of seat cushion can be utilized resulting in less replacement and longer life cycle

    Better for Patient Safety

    • No mechanisms or locks needed to convert means that the risk of user misoperation or incompleted tasks to convert furniture is greatly minimized
    • Design allows user to place feet directly underneath their body to give added stability while siffing or standing

    Better for Staff and User

    • Very intuitive use results in less staff time training users in how to convert appropriately
    • Available in armed and armless designs to accommodate room alcoves and specific design needs
    • Back cushions are tethered to sofa with snap fasteners.
    • Open, airy and fresh design compliments spaciousness in smaller rooms beffer than traditional boxed style furniture
    • Exceptional 9″ thick, two-piece maffress for sleeping as opposed to 2″ thick mats upholstered to panel frames of mechanisms


    HVF-1402· 76X7632.533762119-76×30

    Product Options

    CTB-133 Compliance

    CTB-133 Compliance

    Compliance with CTB-133 requirements is available for select fabrics.  Also, Durfold provides testing services for any other fabric choices you are interested in.

    Plastisol Arm Caps

    Plastisol Arm Caps

    Durable, black plastisol arm caps provide a reliable polymer material that is easy to clean and presents a desirable, tactile surface for hands and arms.

    Storage Rack

    Storage Rack

    The Hover rack consists of a fully-welded, and powder-coated steel frame.  It also utilizes twin gas dampers for effortless lifting and lowering of the rack.