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There are numerous furniture regulations that specific geographic regions implement to ensure that the public’s safety is appropriately designed for. Also, with the current trend of obesity in our population, healthcare facilities seek a clearer understanding of furniture performance criteria that will translate to the best choice for obese users and will survive the additional loading that is anticipated.
The number one adverse incident occurring throughout medical facilities are patient falls and their associated injuries. Although, these instances are thought to be entirely preventable, some aspects of the healthcare environment and its furnishings increase the probabilities that patients will be exposed to risks resulting in fall-precipitated injuries.
The term “quality” has been frequently thrown about in marketing verbiage to the point where it has resulted in a diluted and vague descriptor of products or services. We believe that there is a thirst for information by the consumer for healthcare furniture suppliers to substantiate what specifically they mean when they promote their products as having better quality than other competing products. The enclosed are a sampling our quality hallmarks.
Durfold has conducted significant research into infection control and how it relates to proper furniture design. As a result, we came to different conclusions regarding Crypton fabrics and Antimicrobial agents (silver ions) use for positive infection control methods, as well as, additional design elements that we believe is better incorporated for infection control purposes.

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