We will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect fabric to compliment your space, as well as, obtaining samples for your review.  You can also contact your sales representative to receive our current grading information to ensure that your budget demands are considered.

To provide the quickest route to selecting your fabric, we offer our premier textile partner, Stinson, whose link will allow you to view our offered selections with current grading information included.

Stinson: See / Sample / Spec


Our other textile partners are provided below and Durfold will coordinate the purchase, inspection, and receiving of these products to ensure a timely completion for your order.  Click on any of our partners below to view their fabric offerings.

Fabric Availability

Due to ever-changing inventory levels of textiles from our supplier’s distribution centers, fabric availability may extend the production time to complete your order beyond our typical lead times.

Fabric Application

Durfold will attempt to match visually prominent patterns and reserves the right to orient patterns on our products as we deem appealing. Typically, fabrics will be fabricated with dominant elements or stripes oriented vertically regardless of how material is oriented on the fabric bolt.  Customer can provide a written directive authorizing Durfold to orient pattern so dominant elements or stripes run horizontally.  Durfold reserves the right to reject textiles which we believe unsuitable for application on our products.

Cleaning and Guarantee

We would refer you to the textile supplier’s specific cleaning recommendations and instructions of the fabric you are considering to ensure that the fabric maintains its appearance and properties.  We would also encourage you to only select a fabric with cleaning instructions and requirements that are acceptable to you prior to your final selection.    Further, we would discourage utilizing cleaning regimens that conflict with the textile supplier’s protocols, regardless of whether the cleaning regimen in question stems from recommendations of a particular cleaning product that is marketed to be used in healthcare settings.  Durfold cannot guarantee fabrics for colorfastness or wearability, and will only extend the guarantee that the textile supplier extends to us.