Arlington Ottoman Chair

    Product jh61330rf

    • 30″ wide seat frame
    • enlarged mid-ottoman for added support and clean appearance
    • breakaway ottoman to avoid damage to mechanism under excessive loading
    • 1″ welded tube steel frame with bolted plywood diaphragm for back and seat.
    • 800 lbs. weight capacity
    • 3″ locking front and rear casters for stability
    • 20″ high seat surface for ease of sitting and standing
    • wall-saver design



    Product Options

    CTB-133 Compliance

    CTB-133 Compliance

    Compliance with CTB-133 requirements is available for select fabrics.  Also, Durfold provides testing services for any other fabric choices you are interested in.

    Plastisol Arm Caps

    Plastisol Arm Caps

    Durable, black plastisol arm caps provide a reliable polymer material that is easy to clean and presents a desirable, tactile surface for hands and arms.

    Wood Arm Caps (Arlington)

    Wood Arm Caps

    Oak and Maple species are available in a wide array of stains.  All wood arm caps are finished with the most durable finish available: pre-catalyzed conversion varnish.