We understand that, for a multitude of reasons, healthcare facilities may desire funding alternatives to obtain critically needed furniture.  As a result, we are offering all of our products through our lease program that can be tailored to compliment your financial outlook, as well as, current and future furniture needs.

Leasing Advantages

  • No upfront money required, frees up critical cash
    You can get the equipment right away and cash can be used for other purposes.
  • Lowest possible monthly payments
    Operating leases with residuals allow for a very low monthly payment.
  • Flexible and delayed payment schedules
    Financing allows you to receive the product today and start monthly payments at a later date.
  • Costs are moved off the balance sheet and out of capital budget
    Frees up capital and improves your credit rating.
  • Fixed lease payments
    Pre-determined schedule allows you to more accurately predict future equipment costs and cash needs.
  • Improved return on investment
    Operating leases usually have a positive effect on your Return On Investments (ROI).
  • Only option for some businesses to acquire equipment
    A lot of times the cash just isn’t there.