Fairchild Sleeper Sofa

DL61 DL61 DL61 DL61

    Product dl61

    • supported on locking or nonlocking and nonmarring swivel casters
    • metal pull with pewter finish for intuitive use and durability
    • seat cushions constructed so that both sides of cushion can be used
    • no mechanism – carriage constructed of welded tube steel for added durability
    • operation extends sofa along wall so circulation space in front of sofa is not compromised
    • either left or right side extensions available



    Product Options

    Urethane Arm Caps (Fairchild)

    Urethane Arm Caps

    Black urethane arm caps have excellent tactile properties and an ability to be 98.5% antimicrobial.

    Wood Arm Caps (Fairchild)

    Wood Arm Caps

    Oak and Maple species are available in a wide array of stains.  All wood arm caps are finished with the most durable finish available: pre-catalyzed conversion varnish.

    Storage Drawer

    Storage Drawer

    3/4″ hardwood panel construction with concealed interior hinges for reliable and smooth operation.  Available in a wide array of stains and finished with pre-catalyzed conversion varnish.

    CTB-133 Compliance

    CTB-133 Compliance

    Compliance with CTB-133 requirements is available for select fabrics.  Also, Durfold provides testing services for any other fabric choices you are interested in.